Whoever you are, there's a place for you here, where we grow together to serve Christ

Join us for Sunday Worship!

Sunday School is at 9:00 am,

Our Worship Services are at 10:30 am.

  Message from our pastor:
  Like the people of Israel, in the wilderness times of our lives, it’s hard to remember that God is right there – Right there with us. Like the people of Israel, we are used to trusting in ourselves, not in the great but invisible Almighty. Trust is like a muscle; it takes practice. But just as our ancestors in faith experienced God’s protection through the Red Sea and the manna from heaven, we too can look back at the times when God protected us, and gave us the bread we needed. We too can know that God is faithful still.

LPC's Youth pump up the crowd by leading worship in an opening energizer!
  Upcoming Events:
Fall Work Day

Fall Work Day

Please come out and help clean up God's house and grounds, plus meet our IdL partners as we work together! If you would like to provide some provisions to feed the workers, Contact Brenda Coker

World Communion Sunday

World Communion Sunday

This Sunday is an opportunity to break bread with the global community of Christian faith. On this day all Christians who share Communion affirm our belief in one Christ and the eternal salvation he represents. Our members will recite the Lord's Prayer in many languages. Contact the Church Office for more info