Whoever you are, there's a place for you here, where we grow together to serve Christ

Summer Worship meet on Sundays at 9:30 am.

Starting 9/13 Sunday School meets
from 9 to 10 am and normal worship
meets from 10:30 to 11:30 am

Beignet Du Monde rocks New Orleans!

Check out our Laurel Presbyterian stuffed rhino,

who is now the OFFICIAL Mascot of the RHINO Mission!

Full Story Here!!

  Message from our pastor:

  Here at LPC, we believe that we are all on the journey of faith that is unique to us. In this place, through worship and prayer, study and service, we all seek to know God more deeply, and reflect God’s love in Christ more fully.

Joey thanks LPC for his college scholarship.
  Upcoming Events!
Sunday, Sep. 13, 4:30 pm Elizabeth House  

Sunday, Sep. 20, 11:30 am Church-wide picnic  

Tuesday, Sep. 29, 4:30 pm Elizabeth House  

Sunday, Oct. 11, 4:30 pm Elizabeth House  

Sunday, Nov. 08, 4:30 pm Elizabeth House

Friday, Nov. 20, 6:00 am TG music service  

Friday, Nov. 20, 6:30 am Thanksgiving Dinner

Friday, Nov. 20, 8:30 pm Youth Lock-in

Thursday, Nov. 26, 8:00 am Turkey Trot

Sunday, Nov. 29, 12:00 am Alt Xmas Store

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